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Van Damme’s Diet Secrets Unfolds

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Here comes the "Muscles from Brussels" - Jean Claude Van Damme. The Universal Soldier hero is known more his martial arts or action movies than his acting skills. Blockbusters like Bloodsport and Kickboxer have made him a true youth icon. You can’t build muscles or a physique like his overnight. It is a result of total discipline and headwork complemented by nutritious food or the right diet.


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He can do full splits and learnt Taekwondo for about 3 years. Inspired by his idol, Bruce Lee, he came to Hollywood to realize his big dream of becoming an action martial arts superstar. To maintain absolutely perfect physical condition to be an action hero he had to be very careful about his diet and do the necessary weight training to look lean and strong.

Apart from his daily intake of protein and carbs, he ensures that his workouts, rest and supplement intake are well planned or in the right track even at the age of 49. If you are one of those young protégés willing to follow his footsteps, here are few diet secrets or tips that will help you be the next Jean Claude Van Damme. The superstar knew that bodybuilding is a gradual process. He made it a point to have around 12 meals a day for a slow and steady process of body building. His daily diet included nutritious foods with high fibrous content like eggs, soya products, fruits and vegetables. 

Lots of youngsters have started concentrating on Cardio workouts after seeing Van Damme flex his muscles in various movies. Cardio workouts are of course the best ways to increase metabolism and boost stamina levels. His roundhouse kick looks amazing on camera and it is a fact that very few Hollywood action heroes can do the same with so much of power and with such an ease.

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Van Damme’s Diet Secrets Unfolds