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Goa Beach Breakfast Diet !

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The morning of 28 october, 2007,when I was taking a walk on the Kalangute beach( Goa) ,was very special as the feeling was very different yet pleasant .Kalangute beach is beautiful crescent-shaped curve of white sandy beach lined with towering palm trees on one side and the gentle lapping of the Arabian sea on the other.The nature was on full bloom.



 sunrise at goa beach Image by:Suzzane Wright



 This special feeling got more special when, I was served some of the best breakfast of Goa. I really enjoyed them and I am giving the recipes of the dishes that available on .



I wish you too will enjoy it and feel as it you are on the beaches of Goa too……



1.DOSA: It  is a typical South Indian breakfast item.That is high in carbohydrates and protein.


2.SAMBER: It is a dish common in South India made of toovar dal.that is also a very healthy.



3.EGG-OMMELATE:It is also a healthier breakfast item because Eggs provide a significant amount of protein to one's diet, as well as various nutrients.



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Goa Beach Breakfast Diet !