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Beware Of These Top 4 Fake Hunger Cues!

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Fake Hunger is your worst enemy. Fake hunger is one of the prime reasons why most of us binge on our favorite foods and put on heaps of ugly adipose around our waistlines and hips! Here are the Top 4 Fake Hunger Cues that every person aspiring for a fit and trim body should be aware of:

fake hunger

1)  Most of us feel hungry just a little while after lunch. That’s strange isn’t it? Though logically a full meal should put your stomach to sleep, if you are not eating the right things, it will seem as though it’s asking for more. If you don’t include adequate amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fiber in your meal, your blood sugar level goes down and you will keep craving for more. Eat some fresh fruit and nuts, celery, cottage cheese, etc.

2) Sometimes your mood makes you feel hungry. Anxiety, depression, fear, excitement and other emotions can really make you experience fake hunger. Just ignore it because your stomach does not really want food. Engage in some interesting activity instead.

3) Thirst is most often mistaken for hunger! Identify thirst and drink water instead.

4)  Sleepiness and fatigue also induce fake hunger due to chemical reactions. Want to know more about this? Visit Shine to read their helpful guide on fake hunger cues.

Recognize fake hunger cues but never blunder by mistaking true hunger for fake hunger! When you have not eaten for 4 hours after a  meal and your stomach is desperately seeking food, don’t ignore it. Satiate your stomach. Don’t starve!

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Beware Of These Top 4 Fake Hunger Cues!