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Some Thanks from the People that I have interviewed !!!

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Well here is the proof that we are appreciated !!!

 Thank Yous from some foodies that I have interviewed !!!

 Steve:  This is pretty good.  I will get it to our marketing guy and see what he can do. Can I get a DVD or CD with this video file?  I would like to put parts of this on our website.  We can add the link now.  Thanks; Steve ArthursAngostura International LimitedWorld Harbors Inc.

A World of Great Flavors


Hi Steve, Thank You for sending us the internet link to the video you made of Ivar’s Seafood, Soup & Sauce Company (at the NRA 2007 show) and for the national exposure it has provided.  I will be passing it on to everyone I know. Also when I get back from my work travels I will explore this link more to see how we can use it as a tool, like you did.  Thank you again. It was a pleasure meeting you.   Keep in touch, Bliss Nash Ivar's Seafood, Soups & Sauce Company

Northwest Regional Manager


Thank You For Choosing Ivar's!


Hi Steve, It was great to meet you at the NRA show.  Thanks so much for coming by.  I told Bill and Jeanette we saw you and you filmed.  Thanks Steve.  Looks good Best, BruceBE MillsBruce E. Mills, V.P.

My Grandma's of New England


Chef Steve-Thanks for the time at he NRA show in Chicago! I enjoyed meeting your owners, and tasting your award winning products. It is with little doubt that you are the leader in the Tortilla industry, and have distribution in over 15,000 stores with Tumaro's healthy and quality products that I tasted! As we discussed potentially working together, I would like to take you up on the offer of sending me samples to work with. I, in turn, would like to design some "Functional Tortillas" using my proprietary natural, functional food ingredients. I would collaborate with you on specific nutritional and formula needs for commercial manufacturing, as well as flavor profiles and health benefits that you can claim on your package. (E.g. Omega's, anitoxidants, fiber, etc.) This would be a high end addition to your current line-up. Please e-mail your thoughts  I also want to  thank you for interviewing me on "i Food TV", and look forward to pursuing a collaboration with you and i Food TV. Let me know when we can discuss!Towards Success!Chef Kurt Stiles
Intelligent Ingredients, LLC
Yes, and thank you for sharing the NRA Video- Looks like you had lotz of fun @ the show interviewing people!Chef Kurt Stiles
Intelligent Ingredients, LLC
"Creating Lifestyle Food & BeveragesSteve,_____________________________________________________________________

I am so glad that you visited our booth, watched a demonstration and
filmed our safety platforms at the NRA Show.  Susan Knoppe

Safetec Safety Platforms
129 Parkway Ave.
_____________________________________________________________________FYI - I told our PR Firm about you.  Next stop... Broadway...but sell them tortillas!!Our Eastern Sales Rep can be seen on the attachment and the link below, he is a very good communicator and the websites where he does his Wrap Demonstration have received an incredible amount of hits.  He is very entertaining.HermanBrian jacobsTo: <>

YEA BABAY! AWESOMESo thanks to all the team at with continued sucess to us all
 Steve"The Tortilla Guy"

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Some Thanks From The People That I Have Interviewed !!!