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Deepika In Love With Turkish Delights

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Here's some inside info on your beloved star.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone, the hot, young Bollywood star cannot stop raving about the delights of Turkey. Her words do ring true as you find every nook and corner of her elegant, Mumbai apartment filled with the incredibly sweet baklavas . She had currently been in Istanbul for shooting Race 2 and could not help indulging her famed sweet tooth on the Turkish Delights.

She is currently high on Cocktail’s success but had had the foresight of stocking up her larder with the exotic baklava which became a great way of celebrating the hit. She has been known to enjoy cooking but making sweets especially the complex baklava is a tough proposition indeed. Apparently Deepika decided to give the oldest baklava shop in Istanbul a visit and was so enamored by the variety that she literally bought out the entire store.

Shopping For Baklavas

The hot and sexy Indian star had a field day hunting for unique flavors and varieties within the sweetmeat shop but was dismayed to find that she could not positively carry the whole lot away. Her hotel room seemed to be insufficient to store the Turkish dessert too making her a trifle unhappy. The old storekeeper had a brainwave though and he decided to parcel all the baklavas and send them to the airport well in time for her flight back home.

He was overjoyed at the prospect of being sold out and also threw in 5 kgs of the sweet for free. Well, don’t be dismayed at the thought of the svelte and sexy Deepika growing rotund on baklavas now. She is making sure to share them around and her friends and family are simply over the moon on getting an opportunity of biting into Turkish Delights.

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Deepika In Love With Turkish Delights