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Bipasha Basu’s Cypriot Date With Baklava

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BipashaBollywood beauty Bipasha Basu is in Cyprus these days, holidaying with friends and dipping into the Turkish treasure of sweetmeats like Baklava. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that she is giving her diet a miss, not at all! In fact, even while gorging upon Cypriot delights, Bipasha is taking care to follow her diet regime.


What else can you expect from the dusky beauty who has earned quite a name for herself with her devotional attitude toward health and beauty? As for Cyprus, Bipasha was there with her friends for a short break before joining the crew of her latest film, “Race 2.”


She stayed at a villa and did a lot of partying there. In addition, she did not forget to indulge in swimming, gymming and eating salads, tuna sandwiches, and fish, all a part of her healthy diet regime.


The high point of the visit to Cyprus, however, was the Turkish sweets like baklava and muhallebi, which enticed Bipasha a lot. She had her share of the sweets and other Turkish delicacies as well so someone is bound to ask “where are all these calories going?” Well, Bipasha continued to remain faithful to her diet and exercise regime.


The fact that the hot actor was enjoying it in Cyprus was evident from the fact that she tweeted about it several times in the past few days. On her Twitter account, she said, “It’s amazing sometimes to just leave the city and reach a quiet quaint place where people don’t know you and don’t even speak the same language well, yet are so friendly.” She again tweeted, “Laidback life! So different from the hectic life in Mumbai!”


And it was not only food that had her captivated. She also enjoyed the scenic beauty, architecture, and culture of the Mediterranean country. Tweeting a photo of a beautiful sunset, she captioned it, ““Feel like Alice in Wonderland! D world is full of beautiful places! Very fortunate tht I get 2 travel n see so much!”


All in all, Bipasha is making the most of her short break in Cyprus and for those who cannot go there, you can visit her Twitter account (‏@bipsluvurself) and share her joy.


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Bipasha Basu’s Cypriot Date With Baklava