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Modeling Industry Is Like A Meat Market: Yana Gupta

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Yana Gupta


Yana Gupta, the model who gyrated her way into people’s hearts via the tunes of ‘Babuji’ a few weeks ago has turned author now. Her book is on nutrition and diet problems which she hopes will teach people how to love and cherish their bodies. “How to love your body and get the body you love” is the result of what her experiences in the modeling arena has taught her.


Yana reveals the scary underbelly of the modeling industry where the models are supposed to be skinny and would have to go to any length in order to achieve that perfect body. This is the basis of the insecurity seeping in, feels Yana who goes on to add that there is nothing called perfect when it comes to your body. You need to be comfortable with it which will give you the confidence to make a success out of your modeling career.


The modeling agencies see the model as an investment. While they pay up readily for travel, accommodation, and food, they do expect a handsome return from it. The sight of a prospective model tucking into a pizza or eating a wholesome meal is frowned upon ,says Gupta. It is like a meat market, she emphasizes, where the models queue up showing their bodies.


Starving oneself or counting each morsel is the mistake most models make, she points out. Some of the girls are so insecure that they simply go off food and resort to drugs that are touted as effective measures for losing weight. Fad diets  also take its toll on the health as does caffeine rich beverages.


Yana has an advice for all young Indians keen to lose weight. Eat in small portions frequently and keep aside 20 minutes for working out, she says. Going to bed immediately after dinner is a strict no-no with a gap of at least two and a half hours between the two activities being considered as ideal.


She admits that she punished her own body by depriving it of nutrition before. She hopes to make amends now and has shared her thoughts with her fans via her get-fit book. It is sure to be success with both men and women eager to learn from her experiences.


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Modeling Industry Is Like A Meat Market: Yana Gupta