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Bollywwod Star Ranbir Kapoor on the menu!

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Ranbir Kapoor recently visited Chandigarh to promote his forthcoming film “Rajneeti”. The visit began with a near-stampede, followed by a boycott-threat by television journalists but ended on a happy note -- a sumptuous dinner at a suburban dhaba.

People were surprised at the star's incredibly huge appetite. Actually his metabolism is such that he needs to eat frequently and fast otherwise his weight slumps drastically.

Ranbir with co-star Manoj Bajpai and director Prakash Jha arrived at 11 pm at Pal's Dhaba, located in the outskirts of Chandigarh.

When the owner saw the star-guests he panicked. He requested them to wait in the car to clear the crowds. After about 20 minutes they managed a table.

The actor ordered every dish on the menu. Jha who is a careful eater and habitually skips meals, just kept staring as the table filled up with the gourmet's delights and the dietician's nightmare.

To the dhaba staff's delight Ranbir, a hardcore non-vegetarian ordered almost every chicken dish and had second helpings of them. He specially enjoyed the butter-chicken masala.

The dhaba's owner has decided to start a new chicken dish named after Ranbir. Everyone always thought of stars as starving themselves to stay slim. To see a star eat so heartily and still stay so slim was a revelation.

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Bollywwod Star Ranbir Kapoor On The Menu!