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Deepika Padukone loves to Cook

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Deepika has revealed some of her secrets and one of them which we liked was that she loves cooking. We cannot imagine that celebrities can have time to cook. And Deepika to our surprise says that she loves cooking and mostly baking cakes.

Deepika’s secrets

Among her so-called secrets she says she was a bully in school, she is a neat freak and that she knows five languages…Imagine if these are her secrets, no wonder she does not shine like a star though the photographers and media throw so much of light on her.

Thank God this is an era of sculpted bodies, botox and no curves or else what she would have done.

Cooking - a new craze among celebrities

A month ago it was Amir Khan who evinced his interest in taking cooking classes and now it is the lanky lady telling us that she loves cooking. She has a very next door kind of looks and thanks to the media that they tie up with her to cook up her charm or else who would have lapped up the stories of a lanky lady in our Indian set up.

Now let’s stop bitching and get back to her passion for food. She just loves cooking and let us just be content knowing that Deepika Padukone loves to cook and we wish more and more celebrities to fall for cooking so that Cooking becomes a star-studded profession and no more the domain of middle class wife’s job and rich wives’ fashion. She loves cooking but most of it she enjoys baking.

Deeps keep baking and basking in glory.

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Deepika Padukone Loves To Cook