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Lara, Don’t Try To Ape Bipasha!

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Lara Dutta                                                                                                                                                      Lara Dutta intends to launch fitness DVDs and apparels soon, just the way Bipasha Basu had sometime ago. It’s really not known if it’s out of genuine inspiration for promoting fitness, or out of an intention to compete with the dusky beauty that Lara Dutta has come up with this project. Hey Lara why don’t you try to be original and do something different? There’s no point in being a follower these days. Surely a well-achieved glamour doll like you can get more creative can’t you? Ask Mahesh if you want to. Surely he’ll find doing something new more exciting than helping you out in following other people. Read more about it on Mid Day. News and Image Credit :Mid Day.

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Lara, Don’t Try To Ape Bipasha!