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Diet for Pregnant Women 2 - What not to eat!

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In my last blog I told you what to include in your pregnancy diet. Here is a list of food that should be excluded from the diet for pregnant woman:-



Raw Meat


Pregnant women should avoid uncooked and raw meat at any cost as there is high risk of food poisoning. It is a also advisable to avoid all paté, made from meat, fish or vegetables unless it is labeled pasteurized.


Diet for pregnant Women 2



Though seafood can be included in a diet for pregnant women it should be done so in moderation and more importantly the right seafood should be used. Avoid shark, swordfish and marlin. Limit your tuna intake to not more than two tuna steaks a week. The high level of mercury in these seafood can prove to be dangerous for your child’s developmental process. Reduce intake of oily fish like mackerel, sardines and trout.


Diet for pregnant women - 3


Avoid refrigerated smoked seafood or canned seafood too, as  they can have salmonella in them! Try to resort to fresh and home cooked fish.

Raw eggs and unpasteurized milk

These are all to be avoided during pregnancy as they might carry salmonella. Try to avoid sauces like mayonnaise and salad dressing made from raw eggs.


Diet for pregnant Women 3



Liver is a rich source of iron but it can contain high levels of Vitamin A and this can be harmful to the baby often also resulting in birth defects!


This most of you know. Avoid alcohol!!!! It a big NO! There are many documented fetal abnormalities and birth defects that have been linked to alcohol usage when pregnant!


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Make sure the food you consume is fresh and clean. Stick to some homemade food for sometime. Of course give into your cravings once in a while but try your level best to avoid the above mentioned food in your pregnancy diet!


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Diet For Pregnant Women 2 - What Not To Eat!