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Is It Safe To Eat Turmeric During Pregnancy?

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The warm, bitter tasting and yellow colored turmeric is known worldwide, as a food additive with medicinal properties. But are they safe to be consumed when pregnant? Does it initiate menstrual flow which is risky during pregnancy? Trail down for answers and decide whether turmeric are safe to be eaten by expectant moms.




Health Benefits Of Turmeric In Pregnancy:

  • The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric helps in warding off problems like swelling and joint pains in pregnant women.
  • It has amazing antioxidant properties, which boosts immunity and prevents pregnant women from infections.
  • Turmeric has good effects on digestive problems and so you may stay away from problems like constipation and hemorrhoids when pregnant.
  • It maintains proper cholesterol levels and so you would be safe when pregnant.
  • It is capable of healing wounds and preventing bacterial infection.


Risks Associated With Turmeric Consumption When Pregnant:

  • Turmeric is capable of causing stimulation in the uterus which may lead to abortion.
  • Over consumption of turmeric in pregnant women, may cause birth defects in new-borns.
  • It is capable of causing certain allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.


Hence enjoy the taste, flavor and benefits of turmeric by using it in a quantity in which a spice should be used, and stay safe from complications in pregnancy.


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Is It Safe To Eat Turmeric During Pregnancy?