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Is It Safe To Eat Rosemary During Pregnancy?

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Rosemary The well-known culinary herb, rosemary has been appreciated for its medicinal value since ages. But is rosemary safe to be consumed during pregnancy? The reason behind  this question is the fear of miscarriage which is believed to be caused by the  consumption of rosemary. Trail down to know the role of rosemary in pregnancy and decide whether they are safe to be consumed during this special period of women’s life.











Health Benefits Of Rosemary In Pregnancy:

  • These herbs are an excellent source of antioxidants which boosts immunity in expectant moms and reduce their chances of getting infections.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of rosemary reduce the risk of swelling and joint pains in pregnant women.
  • Rosemary is capable of reducing digestive disorders and related troubles in mom-to-be.
  • There are proven effects on the ability of these herbs to reduce headaches and migraines which would be beneficial for pregnant women.
  • It has the ability to detoxify your body by flushing out the unnecessary harmful toxins from the liver.
  • The monoterpenes, flavonoids and phenolic diterpenes, and the vitamin E content of rosemary are potent antioxidants which fight against free radical and oxidative stress in expectant moms.


Side Effects Of Consuming Rosemary In Pregnancy:

  • The diuretic action of rosemary may make you frequently urinate which may cause discomfort during pregnancy.
  • The uterine and menstrual flow stimulant action of rosemary may lead to abortion, deplete the fluid in fetal sac and also cause miscarriage in pregnant women.
  • Over eating rosemary may also cause spasms, nausea and pulmonary edema in worse cases.


Have a word with your gynecologist before including rosemary in your diet and stay safe when pregnant.


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Is It Safe To Eat Rosemary During Pregnancy?