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Is It Safe To Eat Paneer During Pregnancy?

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Paneer, the popular Indian cheese which can be prepared at home has amazing health and nutritional benefits. But are these health benefits enhanced during pregnancy? Does the threat of listeria infection which is common in cheeses harm pregnant women? Is paneer safe to be consumed in pregnancy? Scroll down for the answers and decide whether it is safe to be consumed during this critical period of women’s life.



Health Benefits Of Paneer In Pregnancy:

  • Paneer is an excellent source of protein which is required for proper growth and development of the tissue and muscles of the fetus.
  • This Indian cheese is a rich source of calcium and phosphorous which plays a significant role in the growth of bones and teeth in your babies. It also has positive effects in preventing demineralization of the bones of the pregnant women.
  • The vitamin D in paneer supplements calcium and phosphorous in bone and teeth formation of your babies.
  • It has been proved that paneer is associated with lowering body weight as well as reducing the risk of developing diabetes.
  • The anti-inflammatory property of paneer helps in preventing swelling and joint pains in expectant moms.


Side Effects Of Consuming Paneer When Pregnant:

  • Paneer prepared from unpasteurized milk is more susceptible to listeria infection and so consuming such infected cheese may cause listeriosis in expectant moms.


Enjoy exotic paneer recipes and avail its health benefits when pregnant with the consent of your healthcare provider. Have a safe pregnancy!


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Is It Safe To Eat Paneer During Pregnancy?