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Is It Safe To Eat Oats During Pregnancy?

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The amazing grains with both soluble and insoluble fibers, oats are highly valued for their health benefits. But are they safe to be consumed when pregnant? To know more about the health benefits as well as the side effects contributed by oats during pregnancy, trail down this blog.




Health Benefits Of Oats Consumption In Pregnancy:

  • Selenium and Vitamin E in oats have excellent antioxidant activity which boosts immunity and prevents infection when pregnant.
  • The calcium and phosphorous content of oats helps in stronger bone and teeth formation of your baby.
  • Oats are a good sources of minerals like magnesium, selenium, manganese and phosphorous which play a prominent role in optimal growth and development of the fetus.
  • Vitamin B1 in oats helps in raising energy levels and alleviating fatigue in pregnant women. It also helps in  building a proper nervous system in new-borns.
  • Being great sources of fiber, oats aid in many ways which are as follows:


    1. Reduces cholesterol levels and maintains proper lipid profile in expectant moms.
    2. Helps in preventing occurrence of gestational diabetes by maintaining proper blood glucose levels.
    3. Aids in proper bowel movements and also prevents troubles like constipation and hemorrhoids.
    4. Increases satiety and so you do not tend to over eat and turn obese when pregnant.


    Side Effects Of Oats Consumption When Pregnant:

    • Over eating oats may disturb digestion and cause diarrhea in some individuals.
    • There are proven cases of people suffering from intestinal blockage beacsue of over eating oats, which is undesirable in pregnancy.
    • If you have allergy for gluten, then you may be allergic to oats too.


    Avail the extraordinary health benefits of oats after having a word with your gynecologist and stay safe when pregnant.

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    Is It Safe To Eat Oats During Pregnancy?