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Is It Safe To Eat Eggplant During Pregnancy?

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Eggplant during pregnancyEggplant which is also known as aubergine, is one of the less appreciated vegetables in the Western world. However, its health benefits have convinced people to include it in their dishes. But are eggplants safe to be consumed when pregnant? There are certain myths associated with eggplant which associate  its consumption to miscarriage. Is that true? Trail down for answers and decide whether eggplants are safe to be consumed when pregnant.


Health Benefits Of Eggplant Consumption In Pregnancy:

  • Being a rich source of dietary fiber, eggplant aids in alleviating digestion related problems in pregnant women.
  • It is capable of preventing the occurrence of gestational diabetes by maintaining proper blood sugar levels.
  • The folic acid in aubergines, helps in protecting new-borns from neural tube defects.
  • Nasunin, an anthocyanin from eggplant peels, has great antioxidant properties which act as free radical scavengers in your body. It helps in boosting immunity levels and preventing infections during pregnancy.
  • Recent researches have proved the positive effects of eggplants on the lipid levels.
  • It has good amounts of vitamins like C, B complex and niacin and minerals like manganese, potassium and copper which aids in the overall optimal development of the fetus in your womb.


Side Effects Of Eggplant Consumption When Pregnant:

  • Undercooked eggplants may cause digestion related troubles which may be harmful during pregnancy.
  • In several cultures, eggplant is linked with miscarriage and is considered to induce labor. Even though these myths are anecdotal, they cannot be neglected since the issues concerned are associated with health and wellness of the mom-to-be as well as the baby.


Do have eggplants when pregnant with the consent of your gynecologist and stay safe during this special period of your life.


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Is It Safe To Eat Eggplant During Pregnancy?