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Is It Safe To Eat Vitex During Pregnancy?

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VitexVitex (vitex agnus-castus), well-known as chasteberry, is a fertility-promoting herb with numerous proven medicinal qualities. But is it safe to be consumed when you are pregnant? Do the hormonal changes, gastrointestinal issues, and allergic reactions caused by vitex affect pregnant women? Trail down for answers and decide whether vitex  is safe to be consumed by expectant moms.




Health Benefits Of Vitex  In Pregnancy:

  • Flavonoids in vitex have a variety of antioxidant properties which aid in boosting immunity in pregnant women and also protect them from infections.
  • The anti-inflammatory action of vitex alleviates joint pain and swelling in pregnant women.
  • The iriod glycosides in vitex promote breast milk secretion during lactation.


Side Effects Of Vitex During Pregnancy:

  • Minor side effects have been reported with the consumption of vitex such as gastrointestinal effects, such as upset stomach, nausea and diarrhea. Some users have reported acne, dizziness, dry mouth, fatigue, insomnia, headaches and weight gain.
  • Irregular menstrual bleeding caused by vitex is considered to be highly risky during pregnancy.
  • Chasteberry allergy has proved to cause symptoms like rash or hives, wheezing or trouble breathing, itching, difficulty swallowing and facial swelling.
  • It is also capable of causing hormonal imbalances which is highly undesirable during pregnancy.


Hence it is always a better option to have a word with your gynecologist before eating vitex because it is highly important to stay safe and healthy when pregnant.


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Is It Safe To Eat Vitex During Pregnancy?