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Is It Safe To Eat Lime During Pregnancy?

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LimesThe well-known and tangy lime is the first fruit that comes to  mind when it comes to medicinal uses as well as refreshing drinks. But are these wonder fruits safe to be consumed when pregnant? The high vitamin C content of limes is beneficial when consumed within limits but may cause health problems when over consumed. Scroll down to know more about the role of lime in pregnancy and decide whether it is safe to be consumed by expectant moms.


Health Benefits Of Lime In Pregnancy:

  • The primary and well-known health benefit of lime is its extraordinary vitamin C content which aids as an antioxidant that protects tissues from damage and builds healthy immune system during pregnancy.
  • The vitamin C content of lime aids in proper iron absorption in pregnant women.
  • The flavonoids in lime help in warding off nausea and morning sickness in pregnancy.
  • The irresistible flavor of lime triggers salivation and thereby initiates the digestion process.
  • Lime stimulates the digestive system and increases the secretion of digestive juices, bile and acids and also stimulates the peristaltic motion in the stomach. Thereby it regulates digestion during pregnancy.
  • Fiber content of lime aids in preventing constipation by regulating the bowl movement in pregnant women.
  • The purgative and digestive action of lime helps in relieving problems like flatulence, burping etc.
  • The anti oxidant property of lime helps in fighting against infections during pregnancy by boosting immunity levels.
  • Just scratching the rind of a lime and inhaling it gives immediate relief from nausea and morning sickness during pregnancy.
  • The detoxifying property of lime prevents accumulation of toxins in the body when pregnant.
  • Limes are also very effective against hemorrhoids, which is one of the most common troubles faced by expecting moms.
  • The high potassium content of limes plays an effective role in removing the toxic substances and the precipitates deposited in urinary system. Its disinfectant properties helps in curing urinary tract infections in moms-to-be.


Side Effects Of Lime Consumption When Pregnant:

  • Lime is capable of aggravating heartburn during last trimester of pregnancy.
  • The high citric acid content of lime is capable of damaging the teeth enamel and may lead to dental problems and may cause sore throat in some pregnant women.
  • The citric acid content may cause sore throat in some moms-to-be.
  • The seeds of lime (all citrus fruits) are poisonous and if ingested in large quantity (even a small handful) can be fatal.
  • Over consumption of vitamin C may cause troubles like drowsiness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, heartburn or indigestion, , insomnia, intestinal cramps, irritation of the esophagus, flushing (redness of the skin),headaches, and diarrhea.


Avail the medicinal and health benefits of limes with the consent of your healthcare provider to be on the safer side when pregnant.


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Is It Safe To Eat Lime During Pregnancy?