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Is It Safe To Eat Halloumi During Pregnancy?

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Halloumi The mild, tangy, and creamy halloumi cheese originated in Cyprus and  is well-known for its health benefits. But are these salty cheeses safe to eat during pregnancy? In general, cheese consumption is associated with the risk of listeriosis in pregnancy and halloumis are not an exception. Scroll down to know more about the role of this unique cheese in pregnancy  and decide for yourself.







Health Benefits Of Halloumi Cheese During Pregnancy:

  • Halloumi cheese is an excellent source of protein and so aids in tissue and bone development in the fetus.
  • It is rich in calcium and phosphorous and hence, it is good for healthy teeth and bone formation in the new borns. It also helps in preventing decalcification of the bones of the expecting moms.
  • It has a fibrous texture and provides a reasonable contribution to the energy requirement during pregnancy.
  • The vitamin A content of halloumi helps in overall optimal development of the fetus in the womb.


Risks Associated With Halloumi When Pregnant:

  • Halloumis made from unpasteurized milk may be more susceptible to listeria infection and consuming such infected halloumis may cause listeriosis in pregnant women.
  • The high fat content of halloumis may contribute to your weight and make you obese which is not desirable during pregnancy.


Halloumis, the basic component of Mediterranean diet can be enjoyed in varied recipes. But have a word with your health care provider before enjoying them when pregnant.

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Is It Safe To Eat Halloumi During Pregnancy?