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Is It Safe To Eat Amla During Pregnancy?

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Amla The most powerful rejuvenating agent known to man, amla or the Indian gooseberry is well-known for its medicinal qualities since ages. But are these fruits safe to be consumed during pregnancy? Like any other food, the norm of limited consumption is applicable to amlas as well and exceeding dietary limits may cause GI problems like diarrhea. Read on to know more about the role of amlas in pregnancy and decide whether they are safe to be consumed during ths crucial period.


Health Benefits Of Amla Consumption In Pregnancy:

  • The excellent fibre content of amlas helps in regulating  the bowel action and wards off constipation and hemorrhoids when pregnant.
  • Vitamin C content of amlas helps in dilating the blood vessels and thereby lowers blood pressure in expecting moms.
  • Studies have proved that amlas are capable of maintaining proper lipid profile which is highly beneficial during pregnancy.
  • The anti-diabetic quality of amlas aid in preventing gestational diabetes.
  • Amla juices are beneficial in fighting against heartburn and acidity during pregnancy.
  • the rejuvenating and energy boosting capacity of amlas aid in treating fatigue and weakness during pregnancy. It also has a remarkable action against morning sickness.
  • The antioxidant properties of vitamin C in amlas act as free radical scavengers and boosts immunity in moms-to-be.
  • Iron content of amlas play a significant role in fighting against anemia in pregnant women.
  • The blood purifying and detoxifying properties of amlas would be highly beneficial for expecting moms.
  •  Amlas enhances the food absorption and ensures the proper functioning of the digestive system and so you may stay safe without digestion related problems when pregnant.
  • They are capable of alleviating urinary tract infections in pregnant women.


Side-Effects Of Amla Consumption When Pregnant:

  • Being excellent laxatives, amlas may cause diarrhea when over eaten.


Even though there is no proven side effects of eating amla, avail the health benefits of these wonder fruits with the consent of your health care provider when pregnant to stay safe and deliver a healthy baby.


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Is It Safe To Eat Amla During Pregnancy?