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Is It Safe To Eat Parmesan Cheese During Pregnancy?

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Parmesan Cheese The nutty and salty flavored parmesan cheese provides numerous culinary benefits. But are  parmesan cheeses safe to be consumed when pregnant? Listeriosis and allergic reactions which are the side effects of eating the cheese should not become a source of trouble during pregnancy since it is a critical period requiring great concern To know more about the role of parmesan cheese during pregnancy scroll down the blog and decide whether this cheese can be consumed by you safely.




Health Benefits Of Parmesan Cheese Consumption In Pregnancy:

  • Parmesan cheese has a very good capacity to get digested soon. Hence there would be no problem of indigestion due to consumption of parmesan cheese during pregnancy.
  • The high protein content of parmesan cheese aids in healthy tissue formation in the fetus.
  • It has a remarkable quantity of bone building minerals like calcium and phosphorous which would be required by the baby in your womb.
  • Magnesium content of parmesan cheese is important for the vascular, brain and bone development of the baby. It also aids in preventing pre-eclampsia during pregnancy and reduces the risk of preterm labor.
  • The zinc and selenium content of parmesan cheese helps in optimal development and functioning of the nervous system of the new-borns. The antioxidant property of these minerals also aid in developing immunity against infections during pregnancy.
  • Being a good source of vitamins like A, B2 and B12, these cheeses aids in overall optimal development of the fetus.


Side-Effects Of Parmesan Cheese When Pregnant:

  • Parmesan cheese which is made from unpasteurized milk, is more susceptible to listeria infection and consumption of such infected cheese may cause listeriosis in pregnant women.
  • The high fat content of parmesan cheese might make you obese if over eaten during pregnancy.
  • The tyrosine content of parmesan cheese may cause allergic reactions which may be characterized by symptoms like eczema, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and diarrhea.


Enjoy the mouth watering taste of parmesan cheese with the consent of your healthcare provider in order to avoid unnecessary complications in pregnancy.

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Is It Safe To Eat Parmesan Cheese During Pregnancy?