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Is It Safe To Eat Tomato During Pregnancy?

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Tomato during pregnancyTomato is considered to be both a vegetable as well as a fruit which forms an integral part of cuisine round the globe and possesses numerous nutritional and health benefits. But are they safe to be consumed during pregnancy? Like all other foods, there are certain limitations regarding the consumption of tomatoes as well. Over eating of tomatoes is beleived to cause  heartburn in pregnant women. To know more about role of tomato during pregnancy, scroll down this blog and decide whether it is safe for you.


Health Benefits Of Consuming Tomatoes When Pregnant:

  • Tomatoes are good blood purifiers and also aid in improved blood circulation during pregnancy.
  • They act like a natural antiseptic and hence protect from infections in pregnancy.
  • Nicotinic acid present in tomatoes help in reducing blood cholesterol levels thereby preventing heart disorders in pregnant women.
  • Vitamin K present in tomatoes help in preventing hemorrhages and blood loss at the time of delivery.
  • Lycopene(red-pigment) content of tomatoes acts as a powerful antioxidant which boosts immunity in moms-to-be.
  • A recent study in United States has proved that daily consumption of tomatoes decreases the oxidative stress in type 2 diabetes.
  • Tomato helps in reducing the risk of developing hypertension in expecting moms.
  • Vitamin A in tomato aids in ensuring improved proper vision of the new-borns.


Risks Linked With Tomatoes In Pregnancy:

  • Inclusion of more number of tomatoes in culinary preparations of the pregnant women’s diet may trigger heart burn-says a recent study.
  • Over-eating tomatoes during pregnancy may cause mild discoloration of the skin of the pregnant women and of the fetus in her womb.


Enjoy these delicious tomatoes during pregnancy, but stick on to proper limits so that you stay on the safe, devoid of health complications. Have a safe pregnancy!

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Is It Safe To Eat Tomato During Pregnancy?