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Is It Safe To Eat Prosciutto During Pregnancy?

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Prosciutto during pregnancyProsciutto or Parma ham is called prosciutto crudo (uncooked form) in Italian and is distinguished from cooked ham, prosciutto cotto. But are these they safe for consumption during pregnancy, the most special occasion of women's life?Like all other meats, prosciuttos provide upteen health benefits but at the same time has the potential to cause harm  when consumed beyond the normal limit.  This blog would help you to find the facts linked with consuming prosciutto when pregnant.


Health Benefits In Prosciutto Consumption In Pregnancy:

  • Prosciutto is a good source of essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein, which are important for growth, repair and maintenance of the body tissues in moms-to-be as well as the new-borns.
  • Aside from its role in providing fuel for the body, the protein in prosciutto promotes a healthy immune system and lean muscle growth, which is highly beneficial during pregnancy.
  • The carbohydrate content of prosciutto aids in providing the energy essential for the women when pregnant.
  • The vitamin A content of prosciutto prevents dry eyes and eye infections in expecting moms.
  • A serving of prosciutto gives a smaller amount of vitamin C.
  • It provides with a trace amount of iron, which helps in alleviating anemia, helps carry oxygen and makes up the red blood cells that carry out the mission of oxygenating every part of the body in moms-to-be.



Risks Associated With Prosciutto Consumption In Pregnant Women:

  • The high sodium content of prosciutto may contribute to the risk of elevated blood pressure and may cause water retention as well, which is not advisable during pregnancy.
  • Consumption of raw or undercooked prosciutto may cause listeriosis in pregnant women which can lead to miscarriage, premature labor and delivery. If it is transmitted to the baby, it can cause birth defects and even still birth. 


There are a wide range of varieties of choices for meat-eating moms-to-be. Choose them with the consent of your healthcare provider to avoid unnecessary risks when pregnant.

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Is It Safe To Eat Prosciutto During Pregnancy?