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Is It Safe To Eat Chili During Pregnancy?

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Chili during pregnancyChilies are well known spices, but surprisingly, their health and nutritional benefits are little known. Despite the capability to relieve and prevent many health complications, there are doubts regarding its safety levels especially during pregnany. Just take a look at this blog to know the nutritive role of chilies in pregnancy and decide whether they can be deemed as safe.






Health Benefits Of Chilies In Pregnancy:

  • Recent research conducted in Tasmania has revealed that, chilies have a very great positive effect on blood glucose levels. Hence they could be effective in preventing the occurrence of gestational diabetes.
  • As circulation boosters, chilies have a dramatic impact on your health by helping to boost blood circulation and also act as a thinner to help protect against strokes during pregnancy.
  • Capsaicin (chemical component in chilies) contains a Neuropeptide associated with reducing the severity of inflammatory process and thereby helps in preventing arthritis and joint pains during pregnancy. Chilies are capable of targeting pain receptors, without affecting nerve cells and this specific action is highly beneficial during pregnancy.
  • Chili offer immediate relief from nasal congestion and prevents further infections during pregnancy.
  • Capsaicin is also a thermogenic compound, and increases the metabolic rate, which aids in the fat burning process and thereby prevents weight gain during pregnancy.


Complications Linked With Chili Consumption When Pregnant:

  • Chillies have recently been shown to reduce the amount of fibrin in the blood, and as a result, lower the blood's tendency to clot. This may cause excessive bleeding at the time of delivery.
  • Overeating chilies may cause heartburn and stomach ulcers in expecting moms, which may aggravate and cause serious complications.


The health benefits of eating chilies are clear and proven, so better use them in limited quantities to avoid various complications during pregnancy.


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Is It Safe To Eat Chili During Pregnancy?