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Is It Safe To Eat Soft Cheese During Pregnancy?

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Soft cheeseSoft cheeses are  well-known variety of cheeses, the consumption of which involves both benefits as well as risks especially during pregnancy. This blog attempts to throw light on the various aspects of soft cheese which will help you to decide whether it is safe for you to continue with it during the crucial nine months.


Benefits Of Soft-Cheese  In Pregnancy:

  • Being good sources of protein, soft cheeses help in curbing hunger and keeps you feel satiated after meals and snacks. Thereby they help in preventing weight gain during pregnancy.
  • The protein in cheese can slow down the absorption of carbohydrates eaten at the same meal or snack and therefore help in balancing your blood-sugar levels and so prevents gestational diabetes.
  • Calcium content of cheese helps in preventing decalcification during pregnancy and also aids in development and growth of bone and teeth of your baby.
  • Having abundance of zinc, soft cheeses aids in tissue growth and repair, prevents and treats macular degeneration and protects your skin.



Risks Associated With Soft-Cheese When Pregnant:

  • Soft cheeses have a high content of saturated fats which may cause problems in pregnancy. Some of the well known risks are:- 
  1. Increased cholesterol levels
  2. Weight gain
  3. Increased risk for cardiovascular disease
  4. Memory losses etc.
  • The high sodium content of soft cheeses, can raise your blood pressure levels and make you hypertensive and edematous when pregnant.

  • Soft cheeses made from raw milk may cause listeriosis (infection caused by bacteia called listeria) in pregnant women and the infection can be devastating and even deadly for unborn babies.


Hence it would be better to consult your gynecologist before you choose soft cheeses during pregnancy in order to avoid unnecessary complications.


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Is It Safe To Eat Soft Cheese During Pregnancy?