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Is It Safe To Eat Rice During Pregnancy?

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RiceRice, the staple food of a remarkable number of people all over the world is capable of conquering your dining table most of the time. But are these foods safe for consumption during pregnancy? Despite having numerous nutritional benefits, rice consumption during pregnancy has become an issue involving controversies due to its arsenic content. Trail down this blog to know more about the nutritional benefits as well as the complications contributed by rice-eating during pregnancy.




Nutritional Benefits Of Rice During Pregnancy:

  • Being rich in carbohydrates, rice acts as fuel for the body and provides instant energy for pregnant women.
  • Since rice is cholesterol free, it forms a dominating a part of a complete balanced diet.
  • Rice is an excellent source of vitamins like vitamin D, thiamine and riboflavin and minerals like niacin, calcium, fiber and iron.
  • Rice has abundant resistant starch, which reaches the bowel in undigested form. It aids the growth of useful bacteria for normal bowel movements and thereby protects expecting mothers from problems like constipation and hemorrhage.
  • Its low sodium content aids in maintaining the blood pressure levels of the expecting mothers.
  • The diuretic property of rice is believed to prevent moms-to-be from urino-genital infections.
  • The neurotransmitter nutrients in brown rice are believed to improve brain developments and cognitive functions in your new-borns.
  • The antioxidants in rice aids in boosting immunity in moms-to-be during pregnancy.
  • Brown rice is has a high quantity of insoluble fiber and has a very low glycemic index. Hence it is believed to help in maintaining blood glucose levels and helps in alleviating gestational diabetes.


Risks In Consuming Rice When Pregnant:

  • White rice has a very high glycemic index and when compared with brown rice, and is capable of raising your blood sugar levels and make you prone to gestational diabetes.
  • When over-eaten, it is also capable of adding up more pounds over your existing body weight and make you obese.
  • Recent studies has revealed that rice has a reasonable quantity of arsenic, which is capable of causing premature death and even still birth, when over-eaten.


So folks, enjoy your meals with rice when pregnant but ensure that you do not overdo it. Have a safe pregnancy!


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Is It Safe To Eat Rice During Pregnancy?