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Is It Safe To Eat Corn During Pregnancy?

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CornCorn is a favorite vegetable for people of all ages. It has numerous health and nutritional benefits and can be used in various culinary preparations too. However, the safety factors must also be considered especially during pregnancy. Trail down this blog to know more about nutritional benefits as well as the complications linked with consuming corn  when pregnant.





Nutritional Benefits Of Eating Corn When Pregnant:

  • Being great sources of fibre, corn help in alleviating constipation and related problems during pregnancy.
  • Corn is an excellent source of folate/ folic acid. These folates are highly required for an expecting mother since these nutrients are capable of preventing the new-born from neural tube defect like spina bifida and other neural malformations.
  • The folates are also effective in lowering the homocysteine (amino acids causing blood vessels damage) levels in the body.
  • Corns contain abundant thiamine, which is an essential nutrient required for brain cell and cognitive functioning in your babies’.
  • Thiamine content of corn aids in acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter) production, which boosts the memory capabilities of the new-borns in their later years of life.
  • Zeaxanthin (the yellow pigment in corns) content of corns, can have a protective effect against macular degeneration in the later years of your babies’.
  • Pantothenic acid in corns helps in proper physiological functioning of internal organs during pregnancy.


Risks Associated With Corn When Pregnant:

  • Canned corns would be high in salt, and so the sodium content of the corn may increase considerably. This may cause a sudden hike in the blood pressure levels of the expectant mother leading to edema.


Corn is a highly nutritious food and reliable source of folic acid during pregnancy. But once you decide to have it, go for fresh ones rather than canned stuff. Have a healthy pregnancy!


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Is It Safe To Eat Corn During Pregnancy?