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Is It Safe To Drink Vinegar During Pregnancy?

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VinegarVinegar, the multifaceted liquid is a combination of acetic acid and water. Having enormous culinary, nutritional, domestic and industrial benefits, vinegar is capable of contributing reasonably to health too. But whether it is is safe to consume during pregnancy remains an enigma. Trail down to decide whether vinegar consumption is safe during pregnancy or not.








Health Benefits Contributed By Vinegar During Pregnancy:

  • Vinegar is capable of reducing serum total cholesterol and triacylglycerol, which is highly beneficial in pregnancy.
  • It is capable of fighting infections and related problems in expecting mothers.
  • Being a zero calorie food, vinegar doesn’t contribute to weight gain and is preferred during pregnancy.
  • It has hypoglycemic properties which saves moms-to-be from gestational diabetes.


Potential Health Hazards Caused By Vinegar Consumption During Pregnancy:

  • Vinegar is capable of causing esophageal injury in pregnancy.
  • Heart burn gets aggravated on consumption of vinegar during pregnancy.
  • Since they are neither regulated under any standardized procedures pH of different vinegar varies to a great extent, causing different levels of acidic reaction in expecting mothers.
  • Long term consumption of vinegar may lead to problems like hypokalemia, hyperreninemia, and osteoporosis.


Vinegar is basically an acid and so have a word with your gynecologist before drinking it during pregnancy.


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Is It Safe To Drink Vinegar During Pregnancy?