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Malt In Pregnancy-Is It Safe?

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Malt sweetenerWondering if that extra teaspoon of malt is safe during pregnancy? It is this period when your nutrient needs are high and you crave for foods high in sugar. Malt sweeteners are gaining in popularity as they have a rich flavor and come from a natural source. Let us see if its consumption during  pregnancy is acceptable and check out the various benefits associated with it.



What Is Malt?

The malt sweetener is commonly extracted from sprouted barley. It has a sticky and syrupy consistency and is dark brown in color. It is also available in the powdered form. After purchasing, store it in a cool dry place. Once opened refrigerate malt immediately to increase its shelf life and to avoid loss of it's special flavor and taste.

Why Is Malt Safe During Pregnancy?

  • It does not undergo various steps of processing like white sugar and is free from chemicals and bleaching agents. During pregnancy it is important to nourish the body with wholesome foods which are not laced with lab made chemicals.

  • The manufacturing process ensures that malt has a higher vitamin and mineral index which is beneficial to both the mother and child. Calcium, potassium and magnesium are present in malt which is needed for the proper functioning of nerves and muscles.

  • It also has a small amount of protein which helps in the repair and growth of cells and tissues.

  • When consumed, malt takes time to digest and gets converted to glucose very slowly. It does not cause a sudden increase in blood sugar levels.

  • There have been no side effects reported due to the use of malt sweetener.


Risks Associated With Malt In Pregancy

Pure malt sugar is absolutely safe to use. Contaminated malt that has adulterants can be harmful as the safety of ingridients is not known. While purchasing, opt for reputed brands only.


Tips To Use Malt During Pregnancy

  • It can be used in regular cooking as it is able to withstand high temperatures.

  • It can be added to milk, bakes and sweets. Use in moderation as it contributes 3 calories per gram when ingested. For women whose sugar levels are not stable it is good to talk to your doctor about suitable alternatives.


As we have seen the safety of malt sweetener is assured in pregnancy and there are no reasons for not using it. Exercise regularly during this nine month period and consume a healthy diet by replacing sugar with malt.


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Malt In Pregnancy-Is It Safe?