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Is It Safe To Eat Banana During Pregnancy?

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Bananas, the most preferred convenient fruits are highly appreciated for its nutritive value and taste. But when it comes to consumption during pregnancy, safety is ultimately important. This blog would throw limelight on the benefits as well as the complications associated with banana consumption during pregnancy.




Nutritional Benefits Of Eating Banana During Pregnancy:

  • Energy requirement during pregnancy doubles than normal needs to enable fetal development and production of more blood. Bananas would be helpful in meeting the energy needs during pregnancy.
  • Being excellent sources of carbohydrates, banana provides natural sugars and a very little starch for expecting mothers.
  • To support new cell growth of fetus and to cater the metabolic needs of the moms-to-be the protein content of the bananas can be relied upon.
  • Vitamin B6 content of bananas aid in formation of red blood cells and transportation of nerve impulses in pregnant women.
  • To prevent neural tube defects and spinal deformities in the new-born, folate (folic acid) is highly required during pregnancy. Bananas are capable of satisfying folate needs in pregnancy.
  • For a healthy nerve, function vitamin B12 is needed for moms-to-be and bananas, the good source of vitamin B12 would surely come for rescue in such needs.
  • Calcium is required for proper gums, tissue and bone development of the fetus and for avoiding decalcification in pregnant women. Bananas being good source of calcium are capable of aiding in calcium needs.
  • Zinc is required for its wound healing capacities and so bananas, the zinc rich fruits are highly helpful for this reason.
  • Iron content of bananas is helpful in acting as oxygen and nutrient carriers to the fetus and also prevents anemia during pregnancy.
  • These high potassium foods are capable of reducing swelling and related problems during pregnancy.
  • Constipation is a very common problem during pregnancy. Bananas help in alleviating this problem and help in proper bowel movement by acting as a good laxative.
  • Some studies suggest that bananas are capable of fighting against morning sickness.


Complications Linked With Banana Eating During Pregnancy:

  • Over consumption of bananas may lead to diarrhea which may become a prominent ill health condition during pregnancy.
  • Over-ripe bananas may cause gestational diabetes by increasing your blood sugar levels.
  • Bananas contain chitinases, which are linked with latex –fruit allergy syndrome. This allergic reaction during pregnancy would affect the fetus to a remarkable extent.


So, enjoy these wonder fruits during pregnancy in proper limits.


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Is It Safe To Eat Banana During Pregnancy?