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Is It Safe To Eat Ginger During Pregnancy?

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GingerGinger, the most popular spice & herb root has numerous culinary and medicinal benefits . When it comes to the safety factor, ginger consumption in pregnancy still remains controversial. Trail down to know whether this root are safe for consumption when you are pregnant.




Nutritional Significance Of Ginger In Pregnancy:

  • The carminative and anti-flatulent properties of ginger help a lot in relieving digestion related problems during pregnancy.
  • Gingerols, the oils present in ginger has analgesic and nerve soothing ability, so that the headaches in pregnancy could be avoided.
  • Ginger root, is low in calories and cholesterol and so there are no issues of putting on weight due to consumption. However, the quantity of consumption of ginger is usually low, when compared with other foods.
  • It is a very good source of vitamins like pyridoxine, pantothenic acid etc, which are essential for optimum health and development of your new-borns.
  • Ginger has numerous minerals like potassium, manganese, magnesium and copper which aid in optimal health of your baby.
  • Potassium content of ginger helps in controlling heart rate and blood pressure which may fluctuate during pregnancy.
  • Ginger has the ability to combat with nausea during pregnancy.
  • It has anti-emetic property, which is capable of fighting against vomiting and morning sickness in pregnant women.
  • In a research, it was proved that ginger has the ability to smoothen the uterine wall muscle and give a relaxed effect.


Controversies Linked With Ginger And Pregnancy:

  • Ginger might have effect of fetal sex hormones. This effect might cause problems in pregnancy.
  • Also there are cases where miscarriages have been reported when the pregnant women had ginger as a remedy for morning sicknesses.
  • Some studies have claimed that ginger consumption may cause uterine contractions, which may cause uterine bleeding in pregnancy.
  • The cramping which occurs as a result of the digestive capacities of ginger is safe in many cases where some have reported the cramping to be dangerous for the fetus.


Ginger being a wonderful medicinal root is extremely helpful during pregnancy. But a word with your doctor is advisable because the health and wellness of your baby is of primary importance.


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Is It Safe To Eat Ginger During Pregnancy?