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Is It Safe To Eat Crabs During Pregnancy?

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CrabsCrabs, the most popular and versatile of all seafoods are also a source of confusion when it comes to the question of safety during pregnancy. Being well known for its heat generating capacity, some people suggest avoiding it when pregnant. However, the nutritional benefits of crabs are too great to be ignored. Let us see the truth behind both these concepts and decide about the safety of eating crabs during pregnancy.



Nutritional Benefits Of Crabs During Pregnancy:

  • It is very low in calories, which is capable of helping you to avoid putting on body weight during pregnancy.
  • They are good sources of proteins which would help in maintaining your optimal health as well as promoting your babies’ overall development during pregnancy.
  • Crabs are good source of saturated fats which makes your heart healthy.
  • Omega 3 fatty acid in crabs helps in improving memory and brain functions of your little ones.
  • The low levels of mercury in crabs when compared with other seafoods make it a safe food during pregnancy.
  • They are good sources of vitamins like A, C and B complex and minerals like copper, zinc, selenium and chromium.


Issues Requiring Caution While Consuming Crabs In Pregnancy:

  • If you are allergic towards any shell fish do not go in for crabs during pregnancy.
  • The symptoms of crab allergy may range from mild rashes to serious anaphylactic shocks.
  • Crabs are good sources of purines and hence may cause gout in certain pregnant women.
  • Proper cleaning and treating must be taken care of in prawns cooking, if not crabs are capable of causing food poisoning.


Hence, crabs being great source of nutrients, are also capable of causing potential harm to you and your fetus during pregnancy. Better have a word with your gynecologist and then go for this mouth-watering variety of seafood.






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Is It Safe To Eat Crabs During Pregnancy?