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Is It Safe To Eat Salmon During Pregnancy?

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SalmonsPregnancy causes a craving for certain foods and if you are fond of salmons, then uncertainty starts right there. The purines and mercury content of salmons make it unsafe, inspite of the nutritional benefits labeling it as safe to consume. Confused whether salmons are safe to eat when pregnant? Scroll down for the information. 






Nutritional Benefits of Salmons In Pregnancy:

  • Salmons are extremely good sources of omega 3 fatty acids, which are highly required for a women during pregnant as well as breastfeeding period.
  • The protein content of salmons help in growth and development of your babies’.
  • The bioactive peptide content of these salmons are highly beneficial in supporting the cartilage bones and helps in preventing many ill-effects of digestive tract when pregnant.
  • Calcitonin, a bioactive protein molecule helps in preventing inflammation of joints during pregnancy.
  • The DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) content of salmons is associated with the reduction of depression in pregnant women.
  • These DHA also play a major role in brain development of the new-borns.
  • The vitamin D content of salmons has a major role to play with the cognitive development of the babies’.
  • Selenium content of salmons, help in preventing the inflammatory problems during pregnancy.
  • Salmon oil also has a great role to play with nutrition.


Reasons To Limit Salmon Consumption During Pregnancy:

  • Salmons contain a substance called purines,and some pregnant individuals who are susceptible to purine infection, may develop ‘gout’.This kidney-related problem may turn a serious problem during pregnancy.
  • Some people are allergic towards salmons and such allergy may aggrevate during pregnancy.So if you have an allergic history of salmons better avoid eating them.
  • Salmons which are larger in size may contain mercury and so never opt for them during pregnancy.
  • Raw or undercooked salmons are never recommended since they cause adverse health effects when pregnant.


So now it is your turn to whether choose or avoid Salmons when pregnant!


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Is It Safe To Eat Salmon During Pregnancy?