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Is It Safe To Eat Eggs During Pregnancy?

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Eggs are one of the nutritious  foods ,which are not advised to be consumed too often during pregnancy. Inspite of having  many health benefits , they are  avoided in some cases.  Let’s find out the truth about it and decide whether it is safe to consume eggs when you are pregnant.




Reasons To Eat Eggs In pregnancy:

  • Eggs are very great sources of protein, where the albumin content of the egg white has no replacements.
  • The protein content of eggs is highly essential for expectant mothers for the proper development of fetus.
  • The reasonable cholesterol content of eggs, is been misunderstood to do harm to health.But fact is that, when consumed in moderate quantities,  eggs serve as a very good source of nutrition for pregnant women.
  • Eggs are good sources of vitamins like A, D and B and minerals like selenium and zinc, which are all essential in proper brain development and functioning of your little ones.


Tips For Egg-Eating During Pregnancy:

  • Buy fresh eggs rather than frozen ones.
  • Do not buy the eggs if they are cracked.
  • Preparation methods play a major role in egg cooking, where if boiled see to that the eggs are not undercooked.
  • Raw,Half-cooked or soft-boiled eggs may act as a source for salmonella food poisoning which may cause multiple illnesses like vomiting, headaches, fever etc. in pregnant women.
  • Cook the eggs at least for seven minutes and make them hard-boiled.
  • The egg white and yolk must become thick and opaque if cooked properly.
  • Do not eat the eggs after long time since it has been cooked. Serve eggs hot always.


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Is It Safe To Eat Eggs During Pregnancy?