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Is It Safe To Eat Nuts During Pregnancy?

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Nuts in Pregnancy

Most of us are fond of nuts. But, eating them without reservation may pose certain risks especially during pregnancy. It may be necessary to   avoid certain types while include others due to the safety factors. What are the facts then? Read on for more information.







Nuts-The Tiny Bundles Of Nutrition:

  • Nuts are a major source of fiber, essential fatty acids, protein and even minerals.
  • Some nuts are even found to be good sources of folate which is a very essential nutrient before and in pregnancy.
  • They are also very rich sources of certain plant chemicals.


Nuts In Pregnancy:

  • Nuts are very reliable sources of protein, which help in the growth and development of your child in the second and third trimester.
  • Nuts are rich in vitamins like E and B, and minerals like zinc, phosphorous, magnesium and iron etc. which are helpful in developing your fetus.
  • Raw nuts would be a better choice since they are even more nutritious when compared with cooked ones.
  • Do not eat nuts fried in oils since they may increase your calorie count.
  • Do not toast nuts since they may take away the nutrient content of nuts.
  • Are you a vegan mom-to-be?Here are nuts, for all your protein needs.
  • Feel like snacking often?Nuts are a good replacement for your high calorie snacks.


Health Benefits of Different Types of nuts:

  • Almond nuts:

High in calcium and vitamins like B and E and are available as both nuts and oils.

  • Brazil nuts:

Good sources of protein and minerals like selenium but are very quickly prone to rancidity.

  • Cashew nuts:

Nuts with vitamin C but may induce allergy in selected people.

  • Coconut:

High in saturated fats. Beware of cholesterol!

  • Hazelnut:

Rich sources of calcium, vitamin E and folate and very low fat contents.

  • Macadamia:

High in mono-unsaturated fats, which are helpful in reducing cholesterol levels.

  •  Peanut:

Great source of iron, niacin and many other minerals and are common allergens. Better avoid during pregnancy!

  • Pinenut:

Nuts with good source of protein. Tastes better when mildly toasted.

  • Pistachio:

Greener the nuts, higher the value!Good sources of protein

  • Walnut:

Good sources of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Serotonin content may cause migraine.


Allergy and Nuts:

Recent investigations have revealed that nuts, especially peanuts if are allergic to either you or your better-half, then it may cause allergy even to your little ones. So, if you have a history of allergy in the past, then skip peanuts during pregnancy.


So don't hesitate!Have nuts when pregnant if you are really nuts about it!


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Is It Safe To Eat Nuts During Pregnancy?