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Eating Crab When Pregnant: Is It Safe?

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crab diet in pregnancy

Crabs are  simply yummy. But you may wonder if eating crab when pregnant is a safe diet. The good news for crab fans is FDA and APA have marked crab as healthy seafood for expecting mothers. Now before deciding on a crab dish, take a look  at what makes crabs so special for pregnancy diet. Read on.....


Crab nutrition details

Like other seafood, crabs contain B-vitamins, omega-3-acids, and minerals like phosphorus, zinc, copper, calcium, and iron; crab meat is low in fat count, especially saturated fat but it has a good amount of protein as well. Besides, Leucine, Methionine, Cystine, Phenylalanine, Histidine, Aspartic acid, etc amino acids, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin etc are potential antioxidants in crabmeat. It is rich in vitamin-E and folate. On consumption of crabmeat, a pregnant woman can utilize the benefits of all these healthy ingredients.

Benefits of Eating Crab in Pregnancy

  • Protein and folate content of crab is beneficial for the overall growth of the baby.
  • Antioxidant content and amino acid content of crabmeats boost energy level and improve immunity efficiency of the expecting mother.
  • Crabs are iron rich food; eating crab at pregnancy ensures steady supply of iron content for carrying mothers. It is a2-fold benefits as it ensures immunity power for mothers and  healthy hemoglobin count for the Baby after birth.
  • Steady supply of calcium takes care of babies’ teeth and ensures quality of breast milk in lactation period.

Point of Concerns

  • Pregnant women should eat cooked crab dishes and in moderate quantity to avoid the hazard of mercury content in crab. According APA recommendation, consumption of king crab during pregnancy is the safest option for crab craving.[Other popular crab varieties like Snow crab, Blue crab and Dungeness crab, should not be safe diet option during pregnancy period]


During pregnancy, an expecting mother may take 6 or fewer than 6 oz. servings once or twice in a month to restrain mercury adverse effect on pregnancy. According to CSU recommendation, a sealed can or pouch variety is better option for carrying moms and they must avoid eating refrigerated crabmeat in their diet.





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Eating Crab When Pregnant: Is It Safe?