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Eating Shrimp When Pregnant: Is It Safe?

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shrimp as pregnancy food


Eating shrimp when pregnant is indeed a yummy option, but is it safe enough?  If you are looking for an answer to your shrimp quandary, read further. We have included here shrimp nutrition information with authentic recommendations to judge shrimp as a pregnancy food. Read on and take a note…..




Shrimp Nutrition Info: Pregnancy Friendly Qualities

  • Shrimps are an excellent source of tryptophan, the essential amino acid. This amino acid is helpful in setting a healthy sleep pattern and addressing mood swings in pregnant ladies. According to FDA, 4 oz of shrimp can supply 103% of trytophan DV [daily values]. Eating shrimp in moderate quantity is a good practice for expecting moms.
  • Shrimp has loads of vitamin B12, omega-3 fatty acid, and selenium. These three ingredients supply natural back-up for healthy pregnancy, fetus growth, and over all good reproductive health of the expecting mom.
  • Vitamin D content of this shellfish is helpful for bone development and it promotes absorption of phosphorous and calcium. Calcium and phosphorous promote immunity system and skin health hence are beneficial for an expecting mom.
  • Shrimp contains Vitamin B12 or cobalamin. Vitamin B12 is necessary for development of baby's nervous system as well as for DNA synthesis. It helps in formation of red blood cells also.
  • Shrimp is low-fat, protein-rich shellfish and it contains zinc, vitamin E, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids. Eating shellfish in pregnancy, thus, helps in over all development of the fetus.
  • According to EPA, mercury is a kind of neurotoxin that can affect neurological development of the fetus. Shrimp contains negligible amount of mercury in it hence moderate consumption of shrimp is beneficial for pregnant moms.

Points of concern

  • People allergic to shellfish must avoid  eating shrimp when pregnant.
  • Consumption of raw shrimp may cause food poisoning.

Now you know if eating shrimp when pregnant is safe or not. Our advice is, you may consume shrimp during pregnancy, but in moderate quantity and only when cooked well.

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Eating Shrimp When Pregnant: Is It Safe?