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Eating Shrimp When Pregnant

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Are you wondering about eating shrimp when pregnant? Well, most physicians would advise you to eat shrimp in moderation and make sure that it is well cooked before you eat it. That is because like most seafood, shrimp also contain mercury, which is toxic in nature and can cause illness and other health problems. Considering that you are carrying a child, you need to think twice before eating anything and we will help you take a decision.


Shrimp and Mercury

Most seafood contains traces of mercury, which can lead to poisoning if taken in large amount. However, if the shrimp is fresh and thoroughly cooked, you may eat it in moderation. It would also be advisable to consult your obstetrician before you eat shrimp for the exact serving size allowed in your condition. 


How to eat shrimp when pregnant?

A recent study has pointed out that there are no side effects of eating more seafood than what the FDA has approved. But there are still some ways in which you can make sure that you are eating shrimp safely.

To avoid harmful bacteria in your shrimp, cook it properly, preferably at a temperature of 63 degrees Celsius. Cook Shrimp until it is milky white in appearance.  


The information given here is for pregnant women with no or minor complications. However, depending upon the stage of your pregnancy and any co-morbidities or complications, the recommendations may vary. Hence it is always advisable to first consult your physician before taking any decision of your own. 


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Eating Shrimp When Pregnant