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Antioxidants Before And During Pregnancy Prevent Obesity In Children

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A new study is dedicated to the link between antioxidants and pregnancy. The study says that if you take antioxidants before or during pregnancy can prevent obesity in children. Galore of researches already emphasize the incredible benefits of antioxidants. Now a new research team from Children`s hospital of Philadelphia has confirmed that women who take high dose of antioxidants either in natural or in medicated form deliberately reduce the chances of diabetes and obesity linked diseases in their offsprings. Antioxidants play a protagonist's role in suppressing various diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, neural degenerative diseases, and even fights the aging process.  Although we are aware of the fact that pregnant women should follow a highly nutritious diet to feed themselves and their baby. However, being on a solid antioxidant diet can allay the possibilities of obesity in their children. Let us unveil the facts behind such findings.


Researcher`s Perspective

In the study conducted in Philadelphia, what researchers did what something marvel in its own way. They fed one section of pregnant rats with an unhealthy, western diet, which was comprised of high fat and cholesterol. They on the other hand fed other group of rats with a healthy diet called as Standard American Diet. The specialty of this diet is that it contained good dose of Vitamin E, and lot many other antioxidants to meet the demand of their body. In a period of seven months they saw that healthy diet fed rats produced healthy offsprings, while those on unhealthy diet produced fat offsprings.


Role of Antioxidants

Researches came to an important conclusion that antioxidants reduce the risk of obesity as they are known to scavenge the free radicals. They fight the oxidative stress and prevent damage from free radicals to our body. Large number of toxins are generated in our body as we continue facing mental, physical, and environmental stress. Although our body is equipped enough to neutralize the effect of toxins and free radicals, still some external feeding of antioxidants is required.

By eliminating the chlorine byproducts which are free radical derivative, antioxidants minimizes the chance of diabetes, obesity, hypertension and cancer. High density lipoprotein is cholesterol which is called as good cholesterol, antioxidants increases good cholesterol effect and decreases bad cholesterol effect. This is important in wiping out the chances of obesity in children. Antioxidants also decrease the glucose intolerance like condition in children as this is a common cause of obesity seen in younger children.

Women on high fat and carbohydrate diet must make transition of dietary intake and show more interest in antioxidants. This slows the process of aging which will keep you younger for times to come! These studies are preamble to the role of antioxidants in pregnancy and elevate the need of following a healthy diet.

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Antioxidants Before And During Pregnancy Prevent Obesity In Children