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What Are The Effects of Fish Oil On Pregnant Women

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The effects of fish oil on pregnant women have been well researched. While many claim that the essential fatty acids present in fish oil do have a great impact on the mother and child, a few studies differ in the analyses on fish oil and pregnancy.


During the course of pregnancy, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is passed on to the fetus for development of the brain. One of the effects of fish oil is, it helps the mother through the supplementation of DHA. Studies have found low levels of DHA in a pregnant woman can lead to depression. Increasing the DHA helps the mother in fighting against post partum depression.

Effects of fish oil on pregnant women are found to help in overcoming vitamin deficiencies. Fish oil helps in the prenatal vitamin regime of pregnant women. Fish oil aids in development of the would-be born baby and improves the health of the mother.  The DHA in fish oil helps in reducing the chances of a cesarean and pre term labor.

Therefore, the fish oil and pregnancy link can further strengthened through choosing the right kind of oil that contains more DHA than EPA.

Also, the freshness of the oil is essential to derive all the importance of fish oil during pregnancy. The fish may be oxidized before it is processed. This can lead to rancid of the oil.

Taking fish oil for pregnant women is very beneficial for both the mother and the yet to be born child. The nutrients in fish oil benefit both the mother and the baby. It is recommended that the mother take one capsule each day to njoy the health benefits of fish oil. Research has shown that women who have had fish oil supplement throughout pregnancy have lower risks of breast cancers, pre-eclampsia and depression.

Taking fish oil high in DHA during the later stages of pregnancy can improve birth weight and improve eye coordination.

Before proceeding to start consuming fish oil supplements, check for mercury levels. There have been numerous complaints on toxins in supplements. Fish get contaminated by heavy metals such as mercury and other toxins. Mercury can have a bad effect on brain. Look for the company and the methods adopted to purify the oil. Go in for a product that has been molecularly distilled.

However, a study in the Journal of American Medical Association in 2010 said fish oil has no beneficial effects on a pregnant woman. The study points out that DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid found in fish oil, was beneficial in women who consumed fish oil before their pregnancy. An Australian research found fish oil in new mothers did not have much effect on depression.

These studies cannot reduce the effect of fish oil in improving the immune system.  

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What Are The Effects Of Fish Oil On Pregnant Women