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Pregnant Women Should Avoid Diet Sodas

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During pregnancy the body goes through a complete transition and requires a lot of energy and healthy nutritious food. Though pregnancy is a time of various food and drink cravings it is believed that Pregnant Women Should Avoid Diet Sodas for the well being of the little life inside her.

If you are a soda fan, I know it may sound a little impossible to go without soda for nine long months. But trust me, after reading this article, you will be motivated into saying goodbye to your favorite diet soda can at least till you deliver the baby.

All diet soda contains artificial sweeteners and caffeine. These Non-nutritive artificial sweeteners add a sweet taste, without adding any calories, to the diet sodas you drink.

There are three types of artificial sweeteners: aspartame, saccharine and sucralose. Aspartame contains certain amino acids that are difficult to digest during pregnancy. It should be completely avoided by pregnant women who have a family history of PKU (phenylketonuria). Saccharine is believed to increase the rates of certain birth defects. Hence should be avoided.

The second main component of diet soda is caffeine. Caffeine raises the heart rate and blood pressure. Caffeine passes through the placental barrier to your fetus, having the same effects on your baby as you! Hence it also must be avoided.

Another reason to avoid diet sodas is premature births. According to a study conducted by researchers from researchers from the States Serum Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark, and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, “pregnant women who drink diet sodas that are artificially sweetened are more likely to give birth prematurely”. Diet sodas and artificial sweeteners present in them, cause distress to mother or the fetus and result in induced premature delivery.

Hence it is best to steer clear off diet sodas during pregnancy.

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Pregnant Women Should Avoid Diet Sodas