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How To Diet Before Pregnancy

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Now that you have decided to be a mother, it is very important that you have a healthy and well balanced diet. You must know how to diet before pregnancy as it is very imperative for both, the expecting mother and the unborn child. Thus, the diet before pregnancy should include all the much needed nutrients. Apart from being healthy, the food should also be tasty, as an expecting mother always struggles with the taste.


While you are planning your pregnancy, it is important that you increase the intake  of vitamins and minerals like folic acid and iron. You also have to slightly increase your daily calorie intake. Always limit the junk food as they just increase the calories count without any nutrients. Further, while planning how to diet before pregnancy, keep in mind that you have to choose your food wisely. The diet before pregnancy should include variety of food from all different food groups. Here are some of the foods that you must include in your daily routine while planning a baby.


Foods that are must while dieting before pregnancy:


1. Milk and dairy products: Indulge more in yogurt, skimmed milk, cottage cheese and buttermilk 

2. Cereals, whole grains, dals, pulses: These are considered to be the perfect source of protein for vegetarians

3. Fresh and seasonal fruits: Canned and processed fruits must be avoided

4. Meat & Fish & Poultry: However, avoid the predator fish breed like swordfish or shark, which may have high levels of mercury.

5. Fluids: Fresh clean water and fresh fruit juices


Foods that should be avoided while dieting before pregnancy:


1. Uncooked seafood like sushi or oysters

2. Certain cheeses like Brie and Camembert and Stilton

3. Unpasteurised milk specially the buffalo or cow's milk 

4. Raw or undercooked poultry items like meat and eggs: Always burn all sources of bacteria through cooking 

5. Liver and liver products including sausage: They have the retinol form of vitamin A, which could be harmful for the developing baby.

6. Reduce the caffeine intake

7. Avoid all sort of alcoholic drinks


We all know that a healthy and well balanced diet before pregnancy is crucial for having a healthy pregnancy. This ensures that the mother’s body is ready to give birth to a child. It, further, ensures that the unborn baby will get all the required nourishment for developing and growing. Following are some more diet tip that needs to be followed while dieting before pregnancy.


Certain Tips 


1. Grab some appropriate antenatal vitamin-mineral supplement

2. Eat properly and don't try to shed the body weight right before or while you are pregnant

3. Consult a nutritionist and gain weight in stages

4. Try to eat small amount of meals after every few hours

5. Try to keep your special or favorite food craving occasional


The most important thing while dieting before pregnancy is to eat the right food at the right time. Never worry too much about the sudden change in your appetite and follow the advice of the doctor on how to diet before pregnancy. 


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How To Diet Before Pregnancy