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Healthy Food Keeps You Beautiful Too

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You are what you eat - this is certainly true because your dietary habits and regular food intake have a direct impact on your general health and wellbeing.

healthy eating makes u beautiful

Eating lots of fruits and veggies keeps us healthy, this isn't anything new...But did you know that eating healthy can make you prettier too? Your mirror can turn out to be your friend if you continue to include vitamin rich food in your diet. How is that possible? Take a look below…

Pineapples, strawberries, kale and oranges are all rich in vitamin C. You can also expect to have a glowing complexion and blemish free skin by eating them regularly.

Red tomatoes, when sliced and served as a salad, do wonders for your health but the cooked variety can help to protect you from painful and sometimes ugly looking sunburns as well.

Say bye to cataracts and welcome bright shiny eyes by incorporating sage, onions and parsley in your meals. Cancer can be successfully avoided by regularly eating these veggies too.

Smooth and hydrated skin can also be achieved when you choose to eat walnuts, chia seeds and salmon, and no ugly wrinkles will blemish your face if you like soy proteins like edamame and tofu.

So, why visit a beauty salon now that you have the perfect formula to look good, naturally?

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Healthy Food Keeps You Beautiful Too