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How To Make Blackberry Scrub

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Blackberry ScrubA scrub made with blackberries is an excellent way of rejuvenating skin by sloughing away dead skin cells that make the skin look dull. Also, the anti-oxidants present in blackberries protect the skin from free radical damage that contributes to the appearance of signs of aging. So what can be better for your skin than making your very own fresh and natural blackberry scrub.


How To Make Blackberry Scrub At Home

You can pick any recipe from the following that seems most suitable for your individual needs and skin type. Gather the ingredients and simply follow the directions. You shall soon be scrubbing away to beautiful skin!


  • Blackberry Sugar Scrub

1. Take a blender container and put blackberries in it.

2. Add yogurt and process to form a smooth paste.

3. Stir in raw sugar and a few drops of lime juice.

4. Add a few drops of rosewood and lavender essential oils.


  • Blackberry Salt Scrub

1. Mash blackberries in a bowl.

2. Add Epsom or coarse kosher salt.

3. Add some olive oil.

4. Add a few drops of lavender and geranium essential oils.


  • Nourishing Blackberry Scrub

1. Mash blackberries nicely in a bowl.

2. Add raw sugar.

3. Stir in avocado and macadamia oil.

4. Add a few drops of neroli and geranium essential oils.


How To Apply Home-Made Blackberry Scrub

  • Scoop out some scrub in your hands and start massaging on damp skin in circular movements. Stay brisk but gentle in the massage.
  • Make sure that the massage is always done in the direction of the heart. This stimulates lymphatic drainage, helping the body get rid of harmful toxins that manifest on the skin’s surface in the form of acne or other problematic skin conditions.
  • Keep massaging until sugar or salt dissolves completely.
  • Wash off with lukewarm or cold water. Do not apply soap or any abrasive cleanser.
  • Pat dry and apply a natural moisturizer.


Benefits of Applying Home-Made Blackberry Scrub


  • Regular use of blackberry  scrub helps in keeping skin radiant and glowing. Massaging with the gentle scrub increases blood circulation which brings about an instant glow to the skin.

  • The nutrients present in blackberry nourish skin from within and contribute to its healthy appearance.


Now, what’s there to wait! Go and try out some fun blackberry scrub recipes!


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How To Make Blackberry Scrub