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How To Make Ginger Scrub

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Ginger ScrubUsing a ginger based scrub is an excellent way of detoxifying your body while also removing accumulated dead skin cells. It is because of the therapeutic and medicinal properties of ginger that it has frequently been used in Indian and Chinese medicines for centuries. You can also get the amazing rejuvenating and healing benefits of ginger by whipping up your very own scrub.


How To Make Home-Made Ginger Scrub

Making your own ginger scrub is lots of fun, especially when the scrub ends up looking good enough to be eaten. You can pick any recipe that you think would suit your skin type and then simply follow the directions.


Ginger Sugar Scrub

1. Take a bowl and combine raw sugar with powdered oatmeal.

2. Stir in olive and macadamia oil.

3. Add honey and crushed ginger.

4. Add a few drops of eucalyptus and clove essential oils. Mix well.

Ginger Salt Scrub

1. Take a bowl and put Epsom or sea salt in it.

2. Stir in apricot and avocado oil.

3. Add honey and crushed ginger.

4. Add a few drops of clove and lemon essential oils.


Delicious Ginger-Strawberry Scrub

1.  Take a blender container and combine strawberry with raw crushed ginger.

2. Process to form a smooth paste.

3. Add raw sugar.

4. Add honey and a small amount of ginger powder.

5. Add a few drops of clove and eucalyptus essential oils.


How To Apply Home-Made Ginger Scrub

  • Take the scrub in a plastic container. It is always safer to use plastic in the bathroom than glass, just to avoid any untoward accidents.
  • Take a small amount of scrub in your hands and start rubbing on your damp skin.
  • Make sure that you are very gentle on your skin. Keep massaging the scrub until sugar or salt dissolves completely.
  • Wash off with warm water and then immediately with cold water. This would further increase blood circulation, increasing the body’s detoxifying action. This would ultimately make your skin glow even more.
  • Pat dry and apply your favorite organic moisturizer.


Benefits of Home-Made Ginger Scrub

Regular use of ginger scrub will keep your skin purified and radiant. Ginger has a powerful heating effect on the body that draws out toxins. However, be sure to not use any scrub more than once a week. Excessive use of scrubs can prove detrimental to skin health.


No time to waste, GO SCRUBBING with ginger scrub now!


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How To Make Ginger Scrub