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How To Make Butter Scrub

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Butter ScrubA scrub made of butter sounds enticing and sumptuous to both the palate and skin. And what can be better than whipping up some of your own with fresh and organic ingredients from your kitchen shelf? You are going to learn exactly how to go about making this amazing scrub as you read on.


How To Make Butter Scrub At Home

1. You will have to first head to the departmental store and buy some raw and unrefined shea butter .

2. Place the shea butter in a large bowl and beat using an electric hand mixer.

3. This is going to be time consuming as it will take a while for the butter to soften. However, if the butter is very hard, you can soften it by placing in the microwave for about 10 seconds. But be careful not to melt it.

4. Continue beating the shea butter until it starts becoming light and creamy.

5. Gradually and carefully add avocado or macadamia oil and continue beating. You can choose any other carrier oil as per your skin type and needs. just make sure that you only add only a small amount at a time. This would prevent the mixture from forming lumps. Also, nicely beat the mixture upon each addition of the carrier oil.

6. Add Vitamin E oil and blend nicely.

7. Blend in about 1 teaspoon of cornstarch. Beat the mixture well.

8. Add a few drops of lavender and palmarosa essential oils. Mix well. You can also choose any other essential oil or oils of your choice.

9. Now, it is time to add sugar and ground coffee. You can also use finely ground nuts or any other ingredient that is effective in providing a gentle scrub.

10. Spoon the butter scrub in a wide mouth jar and place in the refrigerator.


How To Apply Homemade Butter Scrub

Now, that you have finished preparing your butter scrub it is time to have fun with it.

1. Take out scrub in a plastic cup or bowl and head to the bathroom. It is not advisable to carry the glass jar or take scrub in a glass bowl because any accidental slip would leave you with broken glass in the bathroom and that can be really dangerous!

2. Scoop out some scrub and apply all over clean skin.

3. Let the scrub sit on the skin for a few minutes.

4. Start massaging in gentle circular movements at first. Then massage in kneading movements all over body.

5. Do the massage for at least 15-20 minutes. Since it may be not be possible to spend so much time scrubbing your skin on a weekday, it is preferable that you choose a holiday for this regime.

6. It can be quite tricky to remove the sticky sheath on the skin after using this deep moisturizing scrub. However, do not use any soap or harsh cleanser. Try to use a home-made gentle cleanser using oatmeal or gram flour.

7. Wash off with warm water and pat dry. You would not even need a moisturizer!


Now, that you know all the tricks, don’t you think it is time to make your own butter scrub!


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How To Make Butter Scrub