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How To Make Apricot Scrub

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Apricot Scrub

Apricot scrub is a wonderful rejuvenator. While there are tons of apricot scrub brands available in the market, that come with in tempting packaging and are supported by even more alluring advertisements, it cannot be denied that such cosmetic products contain lots of chemicals and preservatives. Therefore, it is highly advisable that you make your own apricot scrub at home by picking fresh ingredients from your own kitchen shelf. They will not only be more beneficial for your skin but will also do so in a budget.


How To Make Apricot Scrub At Home

1. Wash some apricot pits thoroughly. Allow them to dry completely.

2. Put the kernels on a large cutting board and cover nicely with a plastic wrap.

3. Take a heavy mallet and crack open the apricot pits. Remove all the kernels, making sure no sharp corners remain on them.

4. Keep pounding the kernels nicely until they turn to a smooth powder.

5. Store this powder in an airtight jar. Every time you have to scrub your face and body, take out a small quantity and make the scrub according to your skin-type.


How To Apply Home-made Apricot Scrub

For Normal-Oily Skin: Soak the apricot powder for some time. Add gram flour and powdered oatmeal. Stir in enough milk to form a smooth paste. You can also add a small teaspoonful of honey. Use the scrub to massage all over face and body in gentle circular movements.

For Dry Skin: Soak the apricot powder for some time. Add fresh cream and honey. You can also add some avocado essential oil. Form a smooth grainy paste. Massage your face and body with this excellent scrub in gentle circular movements.

For Aging Skin: Soak apricot powder in raw milk for some time. Add a few drops of wheat germ and bergamot essential oils. Stir in fresh cream, honey and nicely mashed avocado pulp. You can add some almond or avocado oil to form a smooth paste. Massage all over face and body with this excellent scrub in gentle circular movements.


Benefits of Home-made Apricot Scrub

1. Using apricot scrub regularly can help remove dead skin cells, exposing fresh and radiant complexion. Moreover, the Vitamin A present in apricot can provide nourishment and anti-aging benefits to skin.

2.  Regular exfoliation with a natural scrub helps in deeper penetration of other products that you may apply. Therefore, topical application of other products brings about better results when you scrub your skin regularly with apricot scrub.

3. Apricot is an excellent exfoliating agent that gently polishes the skin if used as per recommendations.


Caution: Do not use apricot scrub more than once a week. Excessive mechanical exfoliation of skin can cause rips on the skin's surface while also increasing the skin’s susceptibility to problems like dermatitis.


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How To Make Apricot Scrub