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How To Use Fennel For Skin Care

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Fennel for Skin Care

Fennel is a true wonder herb for skin care. Edible parts of fennel are used for various culinary purposes. Fennel seeds, stalks, bulb and leaves are all packed with nutrition. In fact, fennel is an excellent source of B Vitamins. These vitamins are essential for maintaining the health and beauty of skin. Lack of B Vitamins has been associated with the appearance of many skin and hair problems. Moreover, fennel contains Vitamin C. This anti-aging vitamin is required by the body for collagen synthesis. Hence, it plays a vital and pivotal role in keeping skin taut, supple and smooth.


Consume Fennel for Skin That Glows Forever

1. Fennel has a soothing and cooling effect on skin when consumed internally. It is excellent for consumption during inflammatory and irritated skin conditions.

2. Regular consumption of fennel tea can help in treating acne skin condition while also improving the general appearance of skin. You can buy any good organic herbal fennel tea preparation or prepare your own by adding boiling water to fennel seeds.

3. The anti-oxidant properties of fennel help in fighting against signs of aging by launching an attack on the free radical scavengers that destroy healthy skin cells. Fennel also helps in clarifying skin from within.

4. Regular consumption of fennel supplies the body with essential minerals like selenium, manganese, calcium, zinc and iron. These minerals are required for delivering oxygen to skin cells and also for maintaining problem-free skin.

5. Fennel seeds are a concentrated source of Vitamins A, C and E. This group of vitamins together acts as very powerful anti-oxidants that can delay aging and also salvage the skin from photo-damage. Adequate consumption of food items rich in Vitamins A, C and E can even help in lightening skin significantly.

Hence, make sure that you consume plenty of fennel. You can make some interesting and healthy salad using fennel or use it as a garnish for your delicacies. Adding the seeds to your regular recipes will not only enhance flavor but will give your meal that added nutrition boost. It is also a good idea to use fennel seeds as an after-mint, like it is done in India and Pakistan.


Apply Fennel for Skin That Glows Forever

1. Fennel is widely used in the cosmetic industry for its medicinal and curative properties. It is recognized as a powerful antiseptic and tonic for skin.

2. You can add fennel essential oil to any base or carrier oil of your choice and use the oil for massaging your face and body. Fennel essential oil is excellent for aging skin. However, for best results, mix it in avocado oil.

3. You can prepare your own fennel skin soothing toner by taking a handful of fennel seeds and boiling in water. Allow the mixture to cool and then add a few drops of fennel essential oil. You can also add some neroli essential oil for boosting the curative properties of the toner. Dab a cotton ball in it and apply all over face and neck several times a day.

Follow all these tips soon you shall be an Evergreen Beauty!


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How To Use Fennel For Skin Care