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How To Use Cabbage For Skin Care

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Cabbage for Skin CareResearch has established cabbage as an excellent anti-aging food. The nutrients present in cabbage can cause a boost to the body’s general immunity while also arresting the process of aging to a certain extent. The phytonutrient antioxidants present in cabbage protect the skin from numerous scavengers. They also inhibit free radical damage and oxidation of healthy skin cells which has been identified through research as the most important cause behind aging.


Consume Cabbage For Skin That Glows From Within

1. It is highly recommended that you include this cruciferous vegetable in your regular diet. It is advisable that you consume cabbage at least 2-3 times a week. While green cabbage is the most commonly eaten variety of cabbage, try to also include red cabbage in your diet for additional nutritional benefits.

2. Cabbage is an excellent source of Vitamin A which is an all too important vitamin for protecting skin cells from degeneration and also for maintaining the vitality of healthy skin cells.

3. The presence of Vitamin K makes cabbage a super skin food. This Vitamin is essential for keeping skin rejuvenated and replenished.

4. Cabbage also contains choline, betaine and folate. These vitamins play their own very crucial roles in maintaining the radiance and beauty of skin.

5. Raw cabbage is also excellent for detoxification. This is because of the presence of chlorine and sulphur in raw cabbage. They help in removing toxins from the body, hence, removing the cause for many skin disorders and conditions.

So if the beauty of your skin really matters to you, it would be nothing short of a super smart decision to include cabbage in your diet. However, try to consume it raw or steamed. You can get creative and make some interesting cabbage salad to please both your palate and skin.


Apply Cabbage For Glowing Skin

1. Cabbage has been topically applied to the skin for treating a number of skin conditions. Cabbage has a soothing and softening effect on skin while it also helps in treating conditions like acne and irritated skin.

2. In case you have excessively dry skin, you can take some cabbage and boil in milk. Wait for the mixture to cool completely and then blend in a mixer jar. Form a smooth and thick paste.  Add a few drops of wheat germ and bergamot essential oils to the mixture, if desired. Apply this mask all over face and neck and keep for about 25-30 minutes and then wash off with warm water. Apply this mask at least thrice a week for maximum benefits.

3. For greasy and acne-prone skin you can mix 2 tablespoons gram flour with enough cabbage juice to form a smooth and thick paste. Add a few drops of tea tree and lemon essential oils to the mixture. You can also add a pinch of turmeric to further increase the potency of the pack. Apply this pack evenly to face and neck. Keep for about 25 minutes and then remove by massaging in gentle circular movements. Do this at least four times a week for best results.

Wait no more! Make cabbage an integral part of your diet and skin care. Soon you would be at your glowing best!


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How To Use Cabbage For Skin Care