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How To Use Parsley For Skin Care

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Parsley for Skin Care

Parsley is not as frequently recognized for its skin care benefits as it is for being a delectable table garnish. However, the skin care properties of parsley are hugely under-rated. It is a plant source with one of the highest rates of anti-oxidant activities. The polyphenolic flavonoids help in protecting the skin from free radical damage which has been identified as the primary cause of aging. These antioxidant compounds also help in keeping skin vitalized and healthy.


Consume Parsley for Skin Care

1. Regular consumption of parsley will supply your skin with Vitamins A, C and E. These vitamins have powerful anti-aging properties. They aid in skin cell renewal while also replenishing and rejuvenating skin. Vitamin E is especially important for maintaining skin smoothness and elasticity.

2. Parsley is also packed with Vitamin B and is one of richest plant sources of Vitamin K. These vitamins are required for repair and maintenance of skin tissues.

3. Parsley also contains minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. These minerals play a vital role in the metabolism of other important nutrients, while they also keep skin rejuvenated from within.

Hence, it is highly recommended that you make parsley a part of your every day diet. Not just your skin but even your body will be thankful! And to keep boredom at bay, you can always keep experimenting with novel and innovative but healthy recipes.


Apply Parsley For Skin Care

1. Topical application of parsley can help in lightening sun spots and skin pigmentation. Parsley also has a soothing effect on skin. It hydrates and nourishes skin from within, while also softening it.

2. You can take a blender container and combine parsley with some yogurt. Process the mixture to form a smooth and thick paste. Add some oatmeal powder and tea tree oil. Apply this pack all over clean face and neck. Do this at least thrice a week. Regular application of this pack will help in removing dead skin cells while also protecting against acne and other related skin conditions.

3. You can also boil a handful of parsley leaves with some water until liquid reduces to half. Allow the liquid to cool completely and then use it all over skin as a toner.

Do all this and soon you will be glowing from within and without. Time to go parsley shopping!


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How To Use Parsley For Skin Care